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Benzil is the most modern program for comprehensive car service management

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Manage your car service and gain functionalities even unavailable for authorized car services. Benzil is a comprehensive service support solution. Proven in services and workshops of various sizes.

We have been operating for 5 years and we are developing together with our clients We adapt to your workshop. We do not change the model of your work model. Benzil wants to develop your service further.

“We started our adventure in the automotive industry from two positions

We currently have eight and ten mechanics.

The turning point in our company was the transition to”

Daniel UrbaniecOwner of IRMAR Serwis

Your Customers’ Opinions Are Important

Have full control over your customer feedback. Respond to
a unsatisfied customer before they leave a bad review in
the internet. Benzil itself encourages your client to
exhibit positive opinions. Benzil increases the number of opinions about your service.

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Take control of your workshop

With Benzil you have full control over what happens in your workshop. You don’t even have to be there- you can see the full report on your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the integration with Calamari, you have full control over delays, overtime and the presence of your employees. There are several options for registering employees’ entries and exits: cards, key chips, smartphones or IDs.

Automatic Sale of Insurance

Benzil automates the insurance sales process. When registering a new vehicle in the system, the insurance data is entered with the consent of the customer. Benzil reminds you when your customer’s insurance expires. This allows you to automatically send the client an SMS with a reminder. In this way, the service attracts the customer by offering him a range of services similar to authorized car services.
Built-in reports make it possible to reward employees with entering data of third party liability insurance policies. Bonuses motivate employees which results in more insurance data entered.
Increase in income

Office staff reimbursement

A wide range of services

Customer loyalty

Benefits For Your Workshop

Express appointment booking

In just 2 steps, you can offer the client the next available date, and the next step will allow him to book.

Increasing your profits

Time savings, reminders about the end of the civil liability insurance policy and technical tests will make your customers visit your website even more often.


You have access to online reviews of your car services. Every customer can give you a good opinion when doing a good job. As a result, more good ratings are obtained on Google and the possibility of acquiring new customers.

Customer trust

Thanks to the good opinions of your garage on the Internet, the customer will feel safe and build trust.

Convenient order handling

Receiving a vehicle in one step and handling the order on one convenient form.

Benefits For Your Customers

SMS notifications

Thanks to automatic notifications, your customers will not forget the date of the visit, and will also find out immediately about the completed repair.

Transparent pricing

Your customers will receive transparent repair quotes directly from the application to their e-mail inbox.

Reminders about technical examinations and liability insurance

Your customers will no longer have to remember about the upcoming inspection and liability insurance dates. will remind them about it, at the same time inviting them to your website.

Accelerate Your Service
14 days trial period! No cards, no contracts.

Always and everywhere available does not require installation in your service. It is always available online from anywhere with access to the Internet.
You can make appointments not only in the office at the computer, but also on the tablet in the workshop or completely outside the service.

Modern, Unlimited

Thanks to a modern cloud solution, gives you unlimited possibilities for the development of your website.

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