Benzil is a system for comprehensive car service management. The system is online and we adapt it to the client’s needs. The system is perfect for 2-3-stand workshops as well as large car services. We select functionalities for the client so that the use of the system is as simple as possible.

Current functionalities

Employee control


The Benzil system presents a collective view of orders and work carried out on a given day. A clear and functional combination means that you always know who is doing what. Moreover, integration with Calamari allows you to check whether your employees appear at work and whether they are on time. You go on Benzil and you know what is happening in your car service



Have full control over your customer feedback. React to a dissatisfied customer before they leave bad reviews on the internet. Benzil itself encourages your customer to leave a positive opinion. Benzil increases the number of opinions about your service.



Benzil monitors itself when insurance customer’s insurance expires. This enables the client to automatically send an SMS with a reminder and to activate office workers to contact the client. In this way, the workshop attracts the customer to himself, offering him hesitant services analogous to authorized car services.



Our system provides an automated method of arranging visits. Free dates are suggested, taking into account each of the selected types of visits, e.g. service, air conditioning, detailing. Your calendar with appointments and tasks can be synchronized with Google, so you will have access to tasks from any device, anywhere.

New client


Introducing a new client to the system takes literally a few seconds.
By scanning the registration certificate, all customer data is automatically entered into the system.

Feedback management



User support by role



SMS and e-mail notifications

Backup copies - Amazon servers

We created a system

which makes it easier to implement


List of tasks and orders of employees

Automatic control if orders are performed on time

The status shows what stage the task is in


After the customer accepts the offer, the system immediately places the parts needed to repair the vehicle on the list of orders. The supplier has a clear list of ordered parts.

Google Calendar

Integration with Google Calendar allows you to display and remind you of upcoming appointments and tasks on any device. Thanks to the integration with the Google calendar,Benzil synchronizes tasks with such platforms as Facebook or Booksy. As a result, the dates booked on these platforms will also appear on Benzil.

Control of the entire website on one screen

Currently developed functionalities

Tool management

Coming to work - employee management

Bar codes

Monitors in the waiting room and in the service area

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